Ricky, Fred and Mister have all been adopted!

Fred and Ricky Mister

(8/3/2017) Fred and Ricky (above left; click for a larger picture), two siblings who were rescued together on Livingston Campus, have been adopted! Originally named "Lucy" and "Ethel," their names were changed when the vet determined they are both boys. Now about 9 months old, they have been adopted together by their foster family.

Also, Mister (above right; click for a larger picture), a very large male tabby cat who was rescued from Busch Campus by a Rutgers professor and his students, has also been adopted by his foster person!

Congratulations to Ricky, Fred, Mister, and their new families!

Bruce and Bobbie have been adopted!

Bruce Bobbie

(5/3/2017) Great news: Bruce (above left) and Bobbie (above right) have both been adopted!

Congratulations to these wonderful cats on finding their forever homes.

Zoe and Donnie have been adopted!

Zoe and Donnie Zoe and Donnie

(1/22/2017) More "happy tails:" Zoe and Donnie have been adopted! These siblings were rescued together from Livingston Campus.

Congratulations to Zoe and Donnie and their new family!

Livvie, Rockie and Evvie have all been adopted!

Livvie and Rocky Evvie

(1/7/2017) Great news: Livvie and her twin sibling brother Rocky(above left) have both been adopted! Livvie, Rocky and their 3 other siblings (brown tigers) had been rescued from outside the Livingston Campus Apartments.

Also, Evvie (above right), who was rescued near the Douglass Campus as a bottle baby last September, has also been adopted!

Congratulations to Livvie, Rocky, Evvie and their new families!