We always need volunteers; car mileage accumulated while volunteering is tax-deductible

The Scarlet Paws Animal Welfare Network welcomes volunteers to help us in our mission of caring for cats and kittens found on campus. Because we are an IRS-approved 501(c)3 charitable organization, miles you drive in a personal vehicle while volunteering are tax-deductible.

Here are some of our volunteer opportunities:

  • Providing foster homes for kittens and cats who we rescue from campus. We will provide food and litter.
  • Helping to care for community cats.
  • Transporting cats to veterinarians or spay/neuter clinics.
  • Providing short-term shelters for cats who are awaiting or recovering from spay/neuter operations (a shed or garage near campus is often ideal).
  • Assisting with fundraising efforts and events.

If you can provide any of these services, or can think of other ways to help us, please contact us.

Volunteer with Scarlet Paws and earn time in the Middlesex Time Bank!

The Middlesex Time Bank is an online community created by individuals in the Middlesex County that promotes the equality of hours of different individuals. The idea is simple: Time Bank members share donated time services using time credits instead of money. For every hour that you invest doing work for someone (ex., Scarlet Paws Animal Welfare Network) you get an hour in your "time account." You can then request an hour on any service available that is more convenient to your needs. Our members use a proprietary computer program to post their needs and the skills they are willing to provide, and to keep track of their time credits. Members can easily find each other when they are in need of a particular service or skill. Members can also be "matched" through our membership coordinator. We strongly encourage you to sign up as an individual and use any volunteer hours in support of Scarlet Paws Animal Welfare Network.

To become a member visit the website: https://www.hourworld.org/bank/?hw=1282/. Please direct any questions about the Time Bank to scarletpaws@outlook.com.

Join our mailing list to get updates on future volunteer opportunities

Please join our mailing list to get updates on future volunteer opportunities and other Scarlet Paws news!